Ask yourself the following questions Are you paying for unaccounted pallets? Are you paying hiring charges whilst trying to locate unaccounted pallets? Are your losses hampering the profitability of your company? Have you lost pallets and paid compensation? Are your managers to busy with operational issues to manage pallets? Have your staff proven pallet management to be challenging?

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Our mission is to become the leading independent pallet management service company in South Africa and abroad by combining technology with industry-leading customer service. We strive to stand above the competition by consistently providing an exceptional service in a timely and affordable manner to our customers, working in an environment that emphasizes on responsiveness and integrity while promoting long-term, seamless partnerships based on mutual respect. ARPM’s services are tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing legislation facing our customers and have a vested interest in minimizing your costs.


Our vision is to be the most efficacious pallet management services company. It is our passion to supply a professional service to customers by utilizing our experience,  education and training. Our aim is to minimize and optimize our customer expenses by decreasing the pallet holding costs and holding days by implementing standard operating procedures in line with the company’s profile and managing the daily pallet administration. Our superior customer service is backed up by continuous staff training to our already educated personnel and if we cannot attend to your specific needs, we will refer you to our associated business partners.

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